"Deep in every (woman's) heart slumbers a dream, and the couturier knows it; every woman is a princess."


"NL Couture created a one-of-a-kind gown and cape for me. I picked NL Couture because I'd seen his quality work and wanted a special piece. His workmanship and professionalism absolutely top. He made every deadline and appointment. He listened to my ideas but used his creativity to create a sublime look, beyond my expectation. I highly recommend NL Couture. #iamafan#iampaigeparker"


"I chose NL Couture because I like that all his gowns look different from each other. Nicolas Laville is an amazing designer, he is very professional and creative. He really can listen to you and combine your ideas with last trends in fashion. He has created for me the perfect gown, so I really felt special on my wedding day. I highly recommend Nl Couture!"


Why go #bespoke?


A customized experience, created to perfection with personal attention.

What's bespoke exactly? It is really an experience that transcends beyond your street retail or online shopping experience. The key points here are

what do you need? what do you like? how would you like it? and what would you do with it after?


We've worked with Christian Lacroix, Kenzo, Anne Fontaine... We've also dressed stars for the red carpet in Cannes Film Festival and Star Awards to national pageants. Evening looks for huge gala events like Tatler ball, or themed balls such as CRIB in Singapore.


We start with you, your loves, your preferences and your thoughts. Sketches of a personalised gown and dress that is your signature and ours - created by us. We drape and form a dress that is uniquely you.


Our prices only start from a mere SGD2,500 - not more than you'd expect at a high end boutique - but with 10 times the personalised service!


#bespoke really is the new luxury! Just leave a message below and we will get back to you on a quick meeting! Or just drop us a message for any questions you may have!

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